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In this section you will find answers to basic questions
about our application, as well as learn more about its use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shaker?

Shake your life and make your statement with the help of the shake! Get inspired by the publications of your friends and send private messages.

What you need to create an account?

To get started with the application Shaker you need to create your account. To do this, first run the application to register it using your mobile phone. We chose this way to register as the most simple, accessible to everyone and provides maximum protection for your account.

How to use the shake?

Shaker app lets you share your contact information with a group of people, as well as finding people who have previously used this function, being in close proximity to the place where you are at a time when using the shake.

What can I publish?

You can post photos taken with the help of your mobile phone or downloaded from the gallery of images on your phone, and address them with a variety of filters, with or without treatment. You can also publish a text record. We recommend adding hashtags to records and photographs, if you want that other users can find your application publications relevant hashtag.


Shaker app allows dialogue with anyone on your contact list. In the process of communication, you can send each other pictures and text messages.